[Samba] Domain login problem

Jacob Nielsen jni at laps.dk
Sun Apr 17 00:01:09 GMT 2005

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Hi Keith

Can you show us your configuration(s) and maybe some logfiles.

Without seeing the configuration, I believe it to be a winbind seperator

Can you do 'smbclient -L localhost -U <username>%<password>' without the
DOMAIN part?

 - Jacob

keith_allen at safeway.co.uk wrote:
> I have installed a new samba 3.0.11 server everything seemed to be going ok Winbindd is running fine
> wbinfo -t
> wbinfo -u
> wbinfo -g
> getent passwd
> getent groups
> all work correctly
> I can perform a chgrp or chmod using a domain user or group.
> I have stopped nscd
> the problem occurs when I try to issue this command
> smbclient -L localhost -Udomain+user
> or 
> smbclient -L localhost -Uroot
> I get prompted for a password, which I enter.
> I get this error back:-
> session setup failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
> Hopefully I am missing something straight forwards, but I have been googling
> for days now and I am still unable to resolve. please can somebody point me
> in the right direction.
> I think it seems to be when it goes off to the PDC to validate the user, I
> must have configured something incorrectly, or do I need to change some
> default?
> Thanks very much
> Keith Allen
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