FW: [Samba] AIX and libldap.a

Jim McDonough jmcd at us.ibm.com
Sat Apr 16 00:05:38 GMT 2005

>As far as I know, no ldap or kerberos means no support for Active 
>Directory "net ads".
Yes, true.

>In other words, you won't be able to join as a member server of a 2000 
>or 2003 AD in native mode, but old fashioned NT40 "net rpc" commands 
>ought to work with a NT40 PDC or 2000 in mixed mode.  Or just old peer 
>to peer workgroup.  Maybe someone who's used samba3 "net rpc" or "net 
>rap" will correct me if I'm wrong.
Well, you're halfway here.  You _can_ *absolutely* join as a member server 
of a 2000 or 2003 AD in _native_ mode (yes, native mode!).  You just won't 
be doing things via krb/ldap, you'll be doing it using rpcs.

Remember, an NT server can join a native mode domain.  It just can't be a 
_DC_ of that domain.  That's what native/mixed is about...domain 
controllers, not server.

However, there is another setting that you specify when you promote the 
first DC of an AD domain...whether or not you have any pre-win2k machines 
(and yes, you can go back by adding "Everyone" to the group "Pre-Windows 
2000 Compatible Access".  That's the setting that determines whether you 
can join/function in an AD domain.

Everything else you say in that paragraph is correct.

Sorry, it's just a common misconception that MS has done nothing to 
dissuade people from thinking (after all, you'll buy more licenses if you 
think you have to).

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