[Samba] creating user problems under samba 3

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Fri Apr 15 20:05:14 GMT 2005

> Now that being said, it's also possible to use LDAP for all of your 
> authentication, which would eliminate the need for adding machine and 
> user accounts to the Unix password database. Heck, it would elminate 
> the need FOR a unix password database. Don't ask me how (as I've never 

Not exactly, you still have a password database, but it is then extended 
to include the data in the LDAP tree. 

Given what appears to be your expertise level in this area, I'd suggest 
you gain a thorough understanding of what you're doing right now, that 
is the basic samba setup with a files based UNIX backend.  If you decide 
that you need multiple servers on the UNIX side, then by all means go 
for an LDAP setup.  There are tools to help you move your files database 
to an LDAP one.  Once you have LDAP running well, you can use samba 
tools to migrate your smbpasswd data into LDAP as well.

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