[Samba] ACL and delete files

Peter Kruse pk at q-leap.com
Fri Apr 15 19:54:39 GMT 2005


Doug VanLeuven wrote:
> Peter Kruse wrote:
>>>> Here's a way to force the error.  Please try it.
>>>> To summarize:  Create a file with permission bits set to 470, owned by
>>>> root.  With setfacl give write permission to a group.  Users in that
>>>> group will not be able to modify the file when accessing the share
>>>> from a windows client.  This is true for smbclient as well.
>>>> Modifying the file under Linux works as expected.
> Check out the "delete readonly" option in smb.conf.
> Since the owner does not have write permission it shows as read only.
> You'll get what you want by setting "delete readonly = yes" on the share.

Thanks for the hint,  just tried but unfortunately doesn't make
difference.  It's not the owner of the file (root) trying to modify it
but only a user that is a member of a group.  This group is given write
access to the file via ACLs.



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