[Samba] creating user problems under samba 3

Victor Medina linux at epa.com.ve
Fri Apr 15 19:15:33 GMT 2005

Hi all!!

I am using Samba 3 (3.0.4) and SuSE SLES 9. I am having troubles trying
to create new users and machines accounts on the newly created domain.
Could somebody answer me why i am receiving this error messages?

linuxserv:~ # smbpasswd -m -a testmachine
Failed to initialise SAM_ACCOUNT for user testmachine$.
Failed to modify password entry for user testmachine$
linuxserv:~ # smbpasswd -a testmachine
New SMB password:
Retype new SMB password:
tdb_update_sam: Failing to store a SAM_ACCOUNT for [testmachine] without
a primary group RID
Failed to add entry for user testmachine.
Failed to modify password entry for user testmachine

Thanxs in advance


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