[Samba] File listing problems in 3.0.13

Cale Fairchild cale at brocku.ca
Fri Apr 15 17:27:29 GMT 2005

Thanks for another quick response, I have done some poking in the code and 
found that the cause of the problem for the missing file is that in the 
function get_lanman2_dir_entry in trans2.c, dname returns false on the last 
entry of the directory. I also noticed that where changes in the assignment of 
dname between 11 and 12

< trans2.c.3.0.11
> trans2.c.3.0.12
< 		prev_dirpos = TellDir(conn->dirptr);
< 		dname = ReadDirName(conn->dirptr); 
>               long curr_dirpos = prev_dirpos = dptr_TellDir(conn->dirptr);
>               dname = dptr_ReadDirName(conn->dirptr,&curr_dirpos,&sbuf);

 		if (!dname)

I am going to try and track it down further but I am wondering if this 
triggers any thoughts.

Another thing that I notice in the code is that I get messages such as:

get_lanman2_dir_entry:readdir on dirptr 0x10425968 now at offset -183597246

in the logs, the offset grows through the positive numbers and then it prints 
negative from high to low (long int overflow) yet the files seem to be shown. 
However the last entry printed is very close to -1 again (possible overflow of 
unsigned long?)

Sorry to bother you about this again but I don't really know how to approach 
SGI with this since I don't know how to describe the problem to them so that 
they understand it and I get differing results with the same OS and the same 

   Cale Fairchild
   Systems Administrator
   Computer Science
   Brock University

   cale at brocku.ca

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 03:11:09PM -0400, Cale Fairchild wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply, I have just tried out the version in the
>> SAMBA_3_0_STABLE branch of the subversion tree, tagged 3.0.14a, and it has
>> the same problem. If there is anywhere in particular that I should take a
>> look at I would be grateful for suggestions.
> I don't know what to advise. James Peach of SGI can't reproduce your
> problem on his versions of IRIX with the same code, and this code works
> without problems on all other systems we know of.... Time to get SGI support
> heavily involved I think.
> Jeremy.

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