[Samba] problems setting up raw printing with samba and cups

ajs at vifilfell.is ajs at vifilfell.is
Fri Apr 15 11:11:43 GMT 2005

i'm having a hard time configuring point and print in samba/cups.

i set up a raw print spool in cups, and then upload the driver to the 
samba server with the "add printer wizard".

if i connect to the printer driver from the server, and the drivers 
install automatically, the printer spits out blank pages.
if i install the printer locally, change the port to the server and then 
print directly to cups, everything works as it should.

it looks like samba is not communicating with cups correctly.

i'm trying to use the windows drivers that came with the printer, not the 
ppd file. i'm successfully serving other postscript
printers on the same server with the automatic install of ppd files. just 
can't get the automatic windows driver installation
working correctly.

any suggestions where to look for further information?

thanks, asgeir.

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