[Samba] ACL and delete files

Stewart, Eric eric at lib.usf.edu
Fri Apr 15 10:42:20 GMT 2005

 	This sounds like the problem I was having as touched upon in my

Samba 3.0.13 and deleting files

	I sent JRA a set of log level 10 logs (all 10 MB worth for a
short test, so they wouldn't go through to this list).  Mind you he's a
busy guy and may not have even gotten to them yet.  I'm fairly certain
this bug existed in the original 3.0.14 release as well, but I only
tested it briefly and have no "testbed" box to toss it on.  I was going
to wait for 3.0.15 or something from Jeremy that said "do this".
	I'll admit that's probably something I neglected to mention in
my original posts - that group permissions say write but the user of the
dir is different from the user creating the files.

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> Hello,
> Jacob Nielsen wrote:
> > Hello list
> > 
> > I have the same problem with my Samba-3.0.13. This problem 
> started after
> > upgrading from 3.0.11.
> > 
> > I have a rather huge fileserver with 300.000+ files, so 
> this is kindda a
> > big issue for me.
> > 
> > Problem is when rename/deleting files, which is basicly not 
> possible.
> > Copying a new file to the same directory is not a problem. Not
> > changeable thou. If you open the file in an editor and save 
> it, it's not
> > a problem either. Very strange.
> Thanks for sharing this.  I can confirm that this problem exists in
> 3.0.13.  There has been a bug report #2521 which was closed although
> there was still one report saying the bug still was there.
> I have several reports of this same behaviour: creating of files work
> but modify/delete doesn't.  Is it true the the directory in question
> does not give write permission to the user account but only the
> group the user belongs to?
> Regards,
> 	Peter
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