[Samba] Review Request: Samba-3 by Example Update

Geoff Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Fri Apr 15 03:16:54 GMT 2005

John H Terpstra wrote:
> On Thursday 14 April 2005 19:05, Geoff Scott wrote:
>> John H Terpstra wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 24 November 2004 17:00, Geoff Scott wrote:
>>>>> The issue of this thread was authenticating machine accounts if I
>>>>> remember correctly...
>>>> No I was just having a hard time getting the smbldap tools to work
>>>> properly. It all came down to me not knowing at what point you
>>>> switch from chapter 6 of the example book to chapter 8 to vampire
>>>> accounts of the NT server.  Of course if you vampire accounts
>>>> straight after you use the preload.ldif then you end up with
>>>> different GID's than what the smbldap tools expect in their
>>>> defaults. therefore the vampire fails as the expected GID for the
>>>> group is different to what vampire sets up as it creates the
>>>>  groups from the NT server. It would be nice if John could add to
>>>> chapter 8 something like: 
>>>> Build the Base server the same as in Chapter 6 including step ?
>>>> "using the smbldap-populate script" then continue with vampiring
>>>> the accounts.
>>> I'll consider this when I do the update in January.
>> This was a thread titled "vampire fails because of Debian
>> smbldap-tools problem"
>> This was a personal bugbear of mine that caused me a week of grief. 
>> I 
>> have noticed about three job ads in the local job search web sites in
>> the past 2 weeks asking for someone to help migrate large companies
>> from NT4 to Samba, so having something like what I suggested above in
>> the NT4 Migration chapter is still relevant.  Please John would you
>> consider it? 
>> Regards Geoff Scott
> You win! The documentation is wrong. I am updating it now. Sheesh!
> How did that get past me? Doh! 
> - John T.

And I bugged you about it privately, a month or 2 ago.  You naughty, naughty
documenter you.... ;-)

As to whether your documentation is useful, it certainly is if you live in
Australia and most of the list replies come from the other side of the
world.  Try fixing something urgently during work hours when no one else is

Regards Geoff Scott

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