[Samba] [SOLUTION] Re: weird problem with "access denied" on share

morgan toal mtoal at burlingtoniowa.org
Thu Apr 14 18:18:37 GMT 2005

morgan toal wrote:

> So far, so good. But here's the rub: when I attempt to, say, create a 
> file within certain shares I have set up in smb.conf (see below), where 
> I specifically set "write list = @admin" I receive a dialog from Windows:
>  "Unable to create the file foo.txt Access is denied."

Silly me.

The files on the share in question were owned by root and were mode 770.

I was so busy looking for the exotic, I never noticed the obvious...

Everything works now as it should. Sorry to waste folks' time here.

> Furthermore I notice some weird messages in /var/log/messages (last 
> segment below). Of particular interest are the "transport endpoint is 
> not connected" which we have seen before above, but more suspicious is 
> the "get_alias_user_groups" errors which state that the gid does not 
> exist for user nsu. I suspect this is somehow related, but I am not sure 
> what this *really* means.

Though I would appreciate any comment folks might have on this point.

Should I be concerned about these messgaes in the log?



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