[Samba] Samba & ads authentification

Guillaume C. guillaumechardin at yahoo.fr
Thu Apr 14 15:24:17 GMT 2005

I try to configure a samba server w/ authentification
against a Wk3 ADS controler. I think that I resolve
many problems but at this time it doesnt work at all.
When I try to acces a share on the ADS server: no
(on the linux client I tpe this commands:
kinit administrator -> it ask for password and ok
smbclient -k \\server\share --> OK
Then when i try to access the share on the linux box
from the w2k3 controler, I always have a wonderful
banner :"enter username and password". I can try all
username and password.. Nothing to do, the system does
not want to let me in in the linux shares.

On the W2k3 server, in the security event, I don"t see
any errors, and in fact, I can see succes on the
account connection.

My first question is: Is it possible to autenticate
against an ADS server to acces a share on a linux
samba joined onto the domain?
2nd ]if its possible, what are the configuration file
I must modify/create to create this system.

At this time, I modify/create this configuration file
(and if someone ask me, i will send it): 
/usr/lib/smb.conf (manually and via SWAT)

If you have any suggestion, tell me :)

Best regards.


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