[Samba] net getlocalsid returns hostname as domain && net rpc vampire fails

C M. cmanfroi at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 09:58:48 GMT 2005

OS : Suse 9.2 up to date with Samba 3 and openldap
Goal :I want to migrate from Windows NT to samba 3.

WINPDC : name of the Windows NT PDC
LINBDC : name of the Linux BDC
WINNTDOMAIN : name of the domain on WINPDC

I set up smb.conf to act as a BDC, openldap is running well with a
structure ready (I used smbldap-populate from smbldaptools)

I used "net setlocalsid" to set my LINBDC SID to the WINNTDOMAIN SID.

I registred LINBDC as a BDC on WINPDC. I can join the domain with LINBDC.

Samba is not running, and "net rpc vampire  -w WINNTDOMAIN ..." fails.

When I do "net getlocalsid", I get : domain LINBDC with SID S-1234
(the workgroup defined in smb.conf is WINNTDOMAIN).

when I do net getlocalsid WINNTDOMAIN, I get : domain WINNTDOMAIN with
SID S-1234 (the same SID as above) as a response from the WINPDC.

WINPDC and LINBDC have the same SID, but LINBDC has its hostname as a
domain (!?).

The problem is that "net getlocalsid" updates the LDAP base whith a
samba domain entry named LINBDC. I suppose it should update it with
"WINNTDOMAIN" as name.

Is it a possible cause of the vampire failure or is a normal behavior ?

Thank you for any hint

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