[Samba] Joining a domain controller with a conflict name

Ephi Dror ephi at agami.com
Wed Apr 13 22:40:37 GMT 2005

Hi All,
Is it a way to prevent joining a domain with a netbios name that already
used by other domain member?.
For example, if I have  SAMBA server "SA1"  already joined a domain and
then I  go to a different SAMBA server and make it join the same domain
with the name "SA1" also.
What I found out is that the domain controller does not care and it will
let me join the domain but of course the first SAMBA server lost its
trust and cannot access the domain controller.
Of course,  in ADS case, if the name must be in DNS first, it will never
happen but when joining in with DOMAIN type, I can see scenarios when it
could happen.
I appreciate any idea how to prevent a server from not stepping on
another server when joining a domain.
Is it the responsibility of the IT person to make sure the name is

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