[Samba] slow file writes from OS X to samba server

Shea Frederick shea at jibemedia.com
Wed Apr 13 19:04:44 GMT 2005

Samba 3.0.12

This problem is limited to the OS X machines in our office, all the XP 
machines have experienced no problems. The problem is that when saving 
files located on a Samba share, the OS X machines take extremely long, 
and appear to be doing nothing for a couple of minutes. A tail of the 
samba logs shows nothing happening, no errors either, and as i watch the 
file on the server that is being saved, the file size is not changed 
until the last few seconds when the OS X finishes up its stalling

 From what I was able to google on this, it looks like a problem with 
the OS X filesystem and the way it likes to write files......I found 
this Baltra/nettalk patch thing that looks like it could resolve the 
problem, but im not realy sure......does anybody have some 
recomendations for what I should do to resolve this problem?


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