[Samba] File listing problems in 3.0.13

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Wed Apr 13 18:45:16 GMT 2005

On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 02:14:23PM -0400, Cale Fairchild wrote:
> I have looked into this further and need to ammend the reported problems. 
> It seems that on servers which have issues regarding this problem it was 
> introduced with version 3.0.12 not 3.0.13.
> Interestingly enough I installed it on an IRIX server (same OS version) 
> that has never had Samba installed on it and both 3.0.12 and 3.0.13 work 
> fine. I have used the same smb.conf file on both and have the same 
> directory structure in the shared folder.
> On the server that demonstrates problems the file listing problem does not 
> seem to be limited to a newly created directory, in fact it seems that the 
> directory count interally in Samba comes back short. I looked at the level 
> 5 logs of the same server running 3.0.11 and then 3.0.12 and here are the 
> only noticable differences

The code currently in the tree (and being released as 3.0.14) should not
have this problem. Get back to me if it does please.


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