[Samba] Adding a Windows Server down the road

Josh Kelley josh at jbc.edu
Wed Apr 13 17:46:22 GMT 2005

Andrew Bartlett wrote:

>What's wrong with running the windows server as a domain member.  There
>is no way to import users (well, their passwords are the tricky part)
>from Samba into AD that I know of.
Microsoft provides the Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT).  As one 
of its features, it's supposed to let you import users from a NT 4 
domain.  Since a Samba server runs an NT 4 domain, any chance that ADMT 
would work?

I'm guessing no, for the same reason that a Samba PDC can't take an NT 4 
BDC, but I thought that I'd mention it as a possibility and see if 
anyone knew if it would work.

Josh Kelley

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