[Samba] getpeername failed

tarjei at nu.no tarjei at nu.no
Wed Apr 13 08:44:32 GMT 2005

Hi, I'm seeing this a log in my logs:

Apr 13 09:09:23 mail2 smbd[11431]: [2005/04/13 09:09:23, 0]
Apr 13 09:09:23 mail2 smbd[11431]:   getpeername failed. Error was Transport
endpoint is not connected
Apr 13 09:09:23 mail2 smbd[11431]:   Connection denied from

I would venture that this is because I got
hosts deny =

in smb.conf, but I'm wondering if someone has a suggested loglevel / way to find
out where these requests are comming from. It seems to me that this is either
some kind of wierd broadcast, a hole in my firewall (most unlikely) or some
misconfigured box somewhere.

Has anyone seen something like this before and/or found the reason for the

Kind regards,

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