[Samba] Samba question

Rivera, Richard (Houston) Richard.Rivera at chron.com
Tue Apr 12 21:24:16 GMT 2005

1.   Does anyone know what may be happening here?  When I try to map a
drive from a PC, I get the following error:  "The account is not
authorized to log in from this station.".  I can map the drive just fine
from my PC.  Does anyone know what may be going on here?  Any help would
be greatly appreciated.


2.	Also, whenever I use SWAT, it takes a long time for the
information to be displayed on my browser. For example if I hit the
"Status" button on top, it takes a long time before the info. comes
back.  Does anybody know what may be going on here?  




If anybody has any insight, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!



            Houston, Texas

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