[Samba] cleaning messages.tdb

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Tue Apr 12 16:22:57 GMT 2005

Paul Gienger skrev:
>>> I have a drive almost full because of the messages.tdb problem
>>> with print queue. I will upgrade samba, but , how can I clean
>>> it quick ?
>>> I searched the mailing list archives and I didn't find it.
>> On my RHAS3 test server I've found it does no harm t stop the smb 
>> service, delete *all* the .tdb files and restart the smb service. They 
>> get regenerated. YMMV. It can't hurt to do the same with the one 
>> messages.tdb file (or can it?)
> It should be noted however that you don't want to delete absolutely all 
> the tdb files.  There are a few notable exceptions in every domain style 
> installation such as secrets.tdb and more files such as 
> group_mapping.tdb and the passwd file (which I don't know the name of) 
> if you're using tdbsam.  I would gather that the printer driver 
> assignments are in a tdb file too but I can't say for sure which of the 
> many printer-related looking files they are in.

Thanks Paul! I always appreciate your comments, though you might not 
believe it :) Are you family to Pascal Gienger,m German national? I owe 
him too, as I do many others.

On my RHAS3 rigs, using Jerry's srpms, secrets.tdb goes in to 
/etc/samba, not Red Hat's /var/lib/samba with the rest of the .tbs.  All 
my group mappings are in LDAP (ldapsam backend).

The printer driver .tdbs  Samba regenerates, the printer (only one on my 
test rig) keeps on working. I assume Samba gets its info from smb.conf.

As the HOWTO doco says, *never* test on a live system (well, didn't I 
already know that), always test on a test network.




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