[Samba] Linux Users execute 'login scripts'

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Mon Apr 11 21:31:08 GMT 2005

Misty Stanley-Jones wrote:

>On Monday 11 April 2005 04:09 pm, Bruno Tobias Stella wrote:
>>Hello !
>>  I have a Samba Server with LDAP(OpenLDAP) authentication and Windows
>>Workstation that login in domain working all right.
>>  Now, I need to configure Linux workstations to log in Samba Server
>>Domain. The Linux workstatios users are all in LDAP. How do I configure to
>>execute the 'login script' when a Linux user log in his linux workstation ?
>I would go at this a different way.  You are storing loginShell in LDAP, 
>correct?  Then simply create a per-user .bashrc or .login file and put that 
>in their /home directory, preferrably when initially creating the account by 
>means of /etc/skel.  None of the commands are going to be the same as the 
>Windows (or I can't imagine them being), so I think this is your best bet.  
>Of course you would need to make the .bashrc or .login read-only to the user, 
>to prevent him/her changing it.
Or one could use the global rc file.  I believe it depends on your 
shell, but you would want to start looking at /etc/profile.

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