[Samba] Samba 3.081013, Fedora 3, and MS-Access

Daniel Latshaw dlatshaw at pitbullsolutions.com
Mon Apr 11 17:07:43 GMT 2005


I have a Fecora Core 3 with the default Samba that is included with
Fedora installed.  This is a replacement for a Red Hat 8/Samba 2.? server.

The users run an industry specific customer/job tracking software bassed
on MS-Access 2000 as well as basic file sharing.

My basic file shares work OK.  But, the Access database is now having
problems.  Specificly, when new orders are created they sometimes have
the same order number.  Also, when two machines try to create a new
order within minutes of eachother i get a Microsoft Jet Database Error
saying that a part of the file is open by someone else.

I know this sounds like software, but i've exhausted all avenues with
them, and it has only started with the new server.

In searching i've found i should disable oplocks.  I've done that and
Level2 Oplocks as well.  I've Disabled all file locking on that share
and still get errors.

The directory and files are 777 and the owner is nobody.

Here is my share description:

	oplocks = no
	writeable = yes
	locking = no
	path = /srv/PrintersPlan2000
	force directory mode = 777
	force group = nobody
	sync always = yes
	strict sync = yes
	force create mode = 777
	force user = nobody
	guest only = yes
	public = yes
	create mode = 777
	directory mode = 777

On the old server i had this:

	path = /srv/PrintersPlan2000
	writeable = yes
	guest ok = Yes

and everything was OK.

Any Help is appreciated.


Daniel H. Latshaw

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