[Samba] Problems with CIFS and fstab because of user= parameter.

Chris smb23 at realcomputerguy.com
Mon Apr 11 16:35:17 GMT 2005

I'm seeing a conflict that I haven't discovered how to workaround (if indeed 
it can be done).
The problem exists when one wants to use an /etc/fstab entry to allow a user 
to mount the share. Take the following fstab entry as an example:

//server/share  /mnt/point  cifs  rw,user,noauto  0 0

Unlike smbfs where the user name parameter must be "username", the user name 
parameter with cifs is "user" which conflicts with the fstab "user" entry 
that allows a user mount capabilities.
When using "user" in fstab the entry effectively overwrites any 
"user=username" parameter making mounting impossible, and without "user" in 
fstab only root can mount the share - catch 22.
One can simply forego the fstab entry but then both the share and mountpoint 
need to be entered plus some fstab automounting capabilities may be lost.

One solution might be to drop "user" as a valid user name parameter and, as 
smbfs does, use "username" instead (cifs can use username for backward 
compatibility but it doesn't solve the issue as it gets translated to user).


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