[Samba] Daylight saving time problem.

Stewart, Eric eric at lib.usf.edu
Mon Apr 11 14:07:02 GMT 2005

 	Tripwire seems to freak out a bit during DST changes on my
Windows boxes; the timestamps on a lot of the files change by an hour
one way or the other (depending on which switch of DST it is).
	So it's a Windows problem as far as I know, but I don't know of
a fix.

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> I have a small home LAN consisting of a Linux/SAMBA server 
> and 3 XP PRO
> workstations.  I use an external USB hard drive, attached to 
> my workstation,
> to backup the shared data.  The backup utility uses the DOS 
> file timestamp
> to determine which files have changed and need to be backed up.
> Normally the backup takes a minute or less and only backs up 
> a few files,
> but when we go on or off of daylight saving time, the backup backs up
> everything which takes about 5 hours.
> I also have some problems with my source code control system.
> At work we use all Windows stuff and don't have a problem.
> What's weird is that both Linux and XP have the correct times 
> before and
> after DST, but the file times on the shares seem to change 
> and are off by an
> hour.
> I am not sure whether it is a Windows or a Linux/SAMBA 
> problem, I am just
> hoping someone has a fix.
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