[Samba] smbd process hangs up - XP login problems

Felipe Martinez Hermo felipe at galicia.ugt.org
Mon Apr 11 10:43:17 GMT 2005

	Hi, everybody!
	I am having certain problems accessing my Samba domain.

	I have set up several XP SP2 clients to access a Samba 3.0.10 PDC
running on a Debian testing server.

	Problem #1: Suddenly, the domain stopped working: it could not even be
accessed browsing the network.
	After some investigation, I found that nobody could connect to the
shares or log on to the domain, except one of the clients.
	I closed session on that client and stopped the service
"/etc/init.d/samba stop", but the smbd process kept on running, so I had
to kill it. Everybody could log in after the service was restarted.

	Problem #2: Once the services were started again, everything works
fine, except for two clients: at the first prompt for login it replies
"Windows can't log on to the domain because the domain controller is
blocked or not available or because the machine account could not be
found. Try again later...." (Translated from spanish).
	If I log on as machine administrator and browse the domain server
through "my network places", close session and try to log on to the
domain again it works!

	Are these two problems related to each other?
	Is problem #1 a bug?
	How can I get to log in at the first try?

Thank you for reading this.


Felipe Martínez Hermo
felipe at galicia.ugt.org
fmartinez at galicia.ugt.org
Servicios Informáticos
UGT Galicia
informatica at galicia.ugt.org

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