[Samba] mysql backend and 3.0.13

Karl Karlsson cthulu at uppland.net
Mon Apr 11 10:04:04 GMT 2005

Here are some additional informations to the earlier thread
"MYSQL - Was Functional till Update to 3.13".

It stopped working somewhere between 3.0.12rc1 and 3.0.13.
When adding with pdbedit like:

pdbedit -a fuman -f "full name"
and then after the passwd prompt, it always fails and says
"Username not found!" 

After revert back to 2.0.12rc1 again, it correctly prints out the information 
and everything is added in the database as it should.

When you add with smbpasswd it shows the same behaviour as Ben Gaide is 
describing. Hope this helps anyone to narrow it down further more. 

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