[Samba] Gigabit Throughput too low

Florian Stahl fstahl at xantury.com
Mon Apr 11 09:10:00 GMT 2005

Hi list,

I have been desperately trying to increase the transfer rate for a Gigabit
ethernet connection between a Fedora Core 2, Kernel 2.6.x Intel-based
Server  with a Samba Version 3.0.3-5 and a Mac OS X client.

Transfer rates for Gigabit should do around 30 MB/sec
my transfer rates do only around 10 MB/sec - with no significant
difference between reads and writes.

as the networking is supposed to deal with large files - 60 to 600 MB each
- there might be some optimization for the Linux server - in terms of
Buffer reads / writes - TCP stack configs etc.

I am aware that my process table - in regards of the 'top' command - show
delays for the smbd process, which means that CPU consumption by smbd is
divided in half while process part for the "pdflush" increases.

It also turns out that meanwhile the smbd process 'stalls' - userspace and
buffer memory are getting freed.

I have already stepped over the differenz misconfigurations in the MACH
Kernel on the Mac OS X client and managed to improve transfer rates by 1

I have even tried to network over NFS - which is about 6 MB/sec and
therefore NOT an option.

IS there any option to Improve the transfer rates further or must I depend
on more expensive Hardware - such as a SCSI controller plus drives.

At the moment the system runs three 400 gig seagate HDs over the Onboard
IDE on an MSI board, IDE chipset VT 8237 (Via), Gigabit NIC is a Via VT
6122 based (velocity module).

Thanks for your suppord in advance

Kind Regardez

Florian Stahl,CIO

xantury.com - hardtallee 29 - 35398 gießen - germany

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