[Samba] LDAP and the Password attrtibute in SAMBA

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sun Apr 10 23:34:56 GMT 2005

On Sun, 2005-04-10 at 15:38 +0200, Tony Earnshaw wrote:

> Wellwellwell ... so it does - almost. ldapi://%2Fpath%2Fto%2Fsocket/
> works.  ldapi:/// hangs.

I use just ldapi:///, but this will be a matter of defaults in the local
LDAP libs.

> Where's this in the doco ? AFAICR I had to guess at ldaps://myhost.tld/
> working, but I don't remember any more. I never thought to try the ldapi
> alternative.

It should be documented as an LDAP URL.  The problem with ldapi:// is
that it's only useful to people who already know what it is, because
typical init scripts do not enable it at startup.

> Thanks, guys,  for a fantastic and enormously flexible product.
> BTW, I used to be sysadmin for an AT&T Unix-based product (NT4 PDC and
> BDC) called AFPS (Advanced file and Printer Server), running on SCO's
> UnixWare 7. Did anyone here ever work with that software? Not that I
> ever itch to go back from RHAS to SCO, but I always had a soft spot for
> Bell Labs and Novell who took the folks over. AFPS was a great product,
> too.

That sounds like another member of the ASU (Advanced Server for Unix)

Yes, the Samba Team uses ASU (on Solaris, in it's Cascade form I think)
to find out about certain RPC interfaces - because of differences in
byte-ordering (Sparc being big-endian), we can determine field
boundaries by comparison with the same query on intel.

AT&T got shafted by Microsoft back before Windows 2000, and settled out
of court, but without access to the newer versions of windows, so that
product pretty much doesn't exist any more.  

Andrew Bartlett

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