[Samba] Map loopback address in XP

mike c mchiussi at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 10 10:40:45 GMT 2005


I'm having a problem with trying to use explorer as a samba client. 
Basically I want to map a Samba server as a network drive which happens to 
be over the internet. Unfortunately, my ISP blocks port 139 out. Getting the 
server to run on another port is no problem, so I'm trying to set up some 
sort of trivial tunnel locally. However, I do not want to disable my own 
file sharing otherwise it would just be a matter of binding to [my ip]:139

I've noticed that the windows file sharing server doesn't bind to any of the 
loopback addresses, so I set up a tunnel at I went to map 
network drive and entered \\\directory in the explorer bar and for 
some weird reason, it automatically forwarded to my network IP. I'm not sure 
if this is a built in "safety" feature in XP or some random bug on my 
machine, but if anyone knows of a way to stop this from happening, I'd be 


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