[Samba] Cups print jobnames became SMB jobname not doc name

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sun Apr 10 00:47:59 GMT 2005

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SMITH, Gregory C. wrote:
| Since upgrading to Fedora Core 3 the jobname for the
| files being printed to our PDF CUPS backend have
| become the Samba jobname as in "SMBPRN.888009.hjdcl"
| instead of the application filename such as "Microsoft
| Word - Document1.DOC".  This stops us from providing
| a properly-named PDF file to our users.
| Our other server that is still on Core 1 does not have
| this problem.  I've seen other mentions of this problem
| going back several years but no definitive answer.

This is currently by design and I've not come up with a better
solution yet.  The problem is the API used to map SMB job
id's to unix job id's.  The API was originally designed
around lpd/BSD printing and so CUPS is dound by that
current limitation.

If anyone has a clean way to solve this, I'm open to ideas.
But changing the API is not a practical option at this point.

cheers, jerry
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