[Samba] Browse sync problem - any help appreciated!

boot pfine at of-law.com
Fri Apr 8 20:46:13 GMT 2005

Greetings! Any help with this problem would be greatly  appreciated:

I have 3 samba boxes on 3 different subnets. One is set to be a WINS server 
with the others pointing to it. I have verified that each box is the LMB for 
each subnet with the DMB on the same box as the WINS.

The logs on each box indicate apparantly correct announcements and sync
attempts however there are always 0 records returned :( The browse.dat files
on each box do indeed contain the list of names on that particular subnet
but not from the others.

[2005/03/31 18:53:58, 2] nmbd/nmbd_browsesync.c:sync_with_lmb(69)
  Initiating sync with local master browser PICKLE<0x20> at IP
for workgroup TEST[2005/03/31 18:53:58, 2]
  Initiating browse sync for TEST to PICKLE(
[2005/03/31 18:53:58, 3] lib/util_sock.c:open_socket_out(845)
  Connecting to at port 139 [2005/03/31 18:53:58, 2]
  sync with PICKLE( for workgroup TEST completed (0 records)

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