[Samba] smbldap-tools not playing nice w/ samba ?

Ben Davis ben at xsusio.com
Fri Apr 8 16:46:30 GMT 2005

Tony Earnshaw wrote:

>tor, 07.04.2005 kl. 20.10 skrev Ben Davis:
>>I tried this and it still did not work.  The problem as far as I can 
>>tell is that samba is not even attempting to search for the user after 
>>it adds it.  The very last operations in my slapd.log after the error 
>>occured,  were:
>This is not so:
>>onn=20539 op=1 SRCH base="dc=pca-wichita,dc=com" scope=2 
>This is a search, scope sub, for
>>onn=20539 op=1 SEARCH RESULT tag=101 err=0 nentries=0 text=
>>conn=20539 op=2 SRCH 
>This is the log entry that says that no object is found. I.e., there is
>either no combination of objectClass=posixAccount and uid=melisa$, or
>the LDAP ACL prohibits it being read.

Right,  but that is only the FIRST operation for that connection. Read 
that log again. The LAST operation is where it adds the entry.  
Therefore it is my understanding that samba (or the idealx script) is 
searching for the entry which doesn't exist (as expected, because this 
is the first time the machine has joined) and then adding it...   My 
point was that the very LAST thing that happened is the machine user 
gets added, and then nothing else (so searches or anything) happens 
after that.

My question is why isn't samba doing anything _after_ the user gets 
added to LDAP?

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