[Samba] Re: Migrating from NT4 to Samba/LDAP - Demoting PDC to domain member

mourik jan c heupink heupink at intech.unu.edu
Fri Apr 8 09:47:42 GMT 2005

> I'll second that - I've used UPromote a couple of times to 
> 'demote' a 'retired' NT 4 PDC to a member server. Worked 
> great - alas - not free.

I have even demoted an nt4 pdc exchange 5.5 to a standalone server, and it came up without a problem afterwards.

I used compaq servers with the Compaq SMART RAID Disk Controller. Even though I received warnings about possible issues (see http://utools.com/compaq.asp) it worked without a problem. MIND YOU: I did disable the write cache completely prior to the whole operation.


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