[Samba] Samba-Squid-AD: Error returned 'BH NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED'

fatima riadi ftmriadi at yahoo.fr
Thu Apr 7 14:14:45 GMT 2005

Thank you for your reply.

> Are the permissions on the winbind privileged pipe
> correct, what does
> the winbindd.log say?

log.winbindd does not report any error.
I set squid as group owner of the winbindd_privileged
file. Permissions I found in the documentation
(750)didn't work. I then set 777 as permission, the
problem disapeares!

> --with-winbind-auth-challenge doesn't exist any
> more.  It was a Samba
> 2.2 hack, the privileged pipe dir handled the access
> control to this now.
> >  And I configure squid with
> >  (--enable-auth="ntlm,basic"
> >  --enable-basic-auth-helpers="winbind"
> >  --enable-ntlm-auth-helpers="winbind").
> These last two options build helpers in the squid
> sources which are
> incompatible with Samba 3.0.  They should not be
> built or used.

Do you think that I have to rebuild Samba and squid
avoiding latter options?

Authentication works well now!


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