[Samba] kill this damn spam...

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Thu Apr 7 07:25:42 GMT 2005

Joe Cipale wrote:

>Is there anyway we can stop this 'need Employee' or other kinds of 
>spam that seems to infiltrate this mailing list?

The problem is that the list owners have made the decision that it 
will not be closed to public posts - on the grounds that many people 
needing help will not 'jump through the hoops' required to subscribe. 
This means that the list is open to spam from anyone. I know it's 
possible for a spammer to subscribe and then spam, but that requires 
a reasonable manual effort - but it does prevent automatic spamming 
to list addresses.

Personally I disagree with that decision, but I don't run the list. I 
believe that it's the only list I'm on that allows public posting.


PS - I won't post again on the subject and add to the noise.

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