[Samba] Overwriting Symbolic Links

Jeffrey M. Johnson jjohnson at umn.edu
Wed Apr 6 21:31:05 GMT 2005

I am having a "unique" problem with samba and can't seem to find a solution
to the problem.


I am running a samba 3.0.5 server on a Solaris 2.9 Server.


All Samba does is map the users home directory to there windows desktop.


In the home directory we have symbolic links to our web-server so users can
access their web-related content.  We have two types of symbolic links, one
to directories and others to specific files.


lrwxrwxrwx   1 user group           44 Apr  6 16:13 file.html ->


lrwxrwxrwx   1 user group           44 Apr  6 16:13 directory ->


If a user modifies a file in directory there is no problem everything works


If a user modifies the file.html it over rights the file


-rwxrw-r--   1 user group          206 Apr  6  2005 file.html


However the problem does not exist with every piece of software, for example
notepad and wordpad do not overwrite the file while word and dreamweaver


Any have a solution to this problem.



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