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Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Wed Apr 6 15:43:13 GMT 2005

ons, 06.04.2005 kl. 15.55 skrev Saskia Whigham:

> my English is not very good.

Hmmm. My Norwegian is excellent, my Dutch is excellent, My French isn't
good enough, my German is lousy. Me, I can't write English to save my

> My Question: What can I do to get around a
> Linux optimal samba?

I'm married to latest Red Hat versions, what would you expect me to
recommend as OS? Not SuSE, anyway. Divorce would be immediate ...

> Which Filesystem?

ext3 with built-in ACL support, as far as I'm concerned.

> Which Kernel?

Doesn't matter much (Red Hat RHAS3 has 2.4.x, backported to include
certain 2.6.x possibilities (though not CIFS FS). RHAS4 has 2.6.x,
should support CIFS (*much* better than smbfs).

> Which Samba Version?

3.0.11 from Jerry Carter's Red Hat srpm is running perfectly with ACL
support, supporting 75+ Win 2000 PCs with X users out of 1150+ possible.
Windows PC users are suddenly *very* happy; before they were miserable
:) No way I'm updating before the bug reports stop pouring in. For me,
3.0.11 is rock stable and reliable.

> Which Hardware?

This is running on IBM x series eServer 235 rack, originally put in as a
2-processor SMP NFS NAS server - 3GB memory, 150GB raid5 SCSI on an IBM
Servraid controller. It normally serves user data for an 80-terminal
Linux Terminal Server Project  (LTSP) constellation. Samba 3 was
recently added as an afterthought, since this server was vastly
over-dimensioned anyway (and the separate native Windows 2000
infrastructure at that time was *HORRIBLE*) .  1Gb NIC, 1GB to 100 Mb
switches, backbone 1GB fiber (4 levels in a single building). You don't
need all this, it depends on what you're trying to do.

> and

Learn OpenLDAP, first. Learn it as the most important thing on your
agenda. Master it completely before you begin with samba, so that you
can see what you can do better than what Samba gives you. Always strive
to use the latest, stable version as advertised at www.openldap.org.
Without OpenLDAP, all Unix/Linux utilities available anywhere are
worthless. We were already using replicated OpenLDAP 2.2.17 for single
uid/password authentication for all email, gdm logins, NFS
authentication, Pykota print quotas and much more. Samba latched onto
this like a twin brother. Only we can't use the smbldap tools, since
they are designed for kindergarten-level LDAP users; I write my own
scripts for Samba in awk - for adding Posix account users - and shell
scripts for the rest (though they're very disjointed and only I know
what's what).

> and

Read all the *official* (forget Google) Samba documentation through 100
times after you've learned all there is to know about OpenLDAP. Do not
begin with Samba  before you've read all the *official* Samba
documentation through 100 times and thoroughly understand it.

Learn how to cope with srpms and mofify what you need to. Learn
everything you can about Posix ACLs and your OS, and how Samba
implements them. Did I mention OpenLDAP? Forget everything till you know
everything worth knowing about OpenLDAP:

> and

Learn to love, honor and respect William Gates, Knight Commander of the
British Empire (sic) or whatever he calls himself. He (and his legalized
con outfit) made all this possible. Without Bill Gates, there would be
no Samba.


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