[Samba] Multiple Samba installations on one Solaris 8 machine

Thomas Mainzer thomas.mainzer at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 09:22:53 GMT 2005


We use the Winbind part of Samba 3 for authenticating users coming
from the Squid Caching Server via NTLM with an NT4 domain. We have
seven Squid instances and one Winbind instance running on a Sun Fire
V480 with 4 cpu´s.

We have some performance problems with approx. 10.000 User
simultaniously users surfing the web and we think Winbind is the
problem. While using the transparent authentication sometimes an
inputbox comes up and asks the user to authenticate instead of doing
this transparent.

Is there any possibility to install Samba/Winbind more than one time
to spread the load on Winbind? What about the computer account needed
with the NT4 domain? Can all installed Samba instances use one
computer account for authenticating themselves to the NT4 domain?

Thanks for helping.


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