[Samba] Win98 Custom Authentication

Christopher Wolfe wworks at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 02:40:50 GMT 2005

Believe it or not, this does not fall under the wide variety of Win9x
FAQs. At least if it does I am missing something...

Am working in an environment based on Win98 machines. I previously
wrote an explorer replacement to do secure logins to
\\server\username, which of course only works under share-level
security. The computer names are set to unique per-machine
identifiers, and the whole mess is protected by low-level software to
reset the hard drive contents on reboot.

As we are starting to encounter some XP-capable machines, I also want
to support proper domain authentication for those systems.
Unfortunately I believe this requires user-level security to work
properly (at least testparm certainly feels it is required for domain

Any suggestions? If there were a configuration option somewhere to
change security levels per-client, it would solve the problem. Two
Samba instances and firewall rules are possible but somewhat less than

I would prefer either having Win98 send session setup messages with
programmatically-specified username and password or modifying Samba
again (have already been through the source for a few minor
authentication changes). How hard would it be for me to tweak Samba so
that only some sessions are shunted to share-level security? Obvious
selectors would seem to be triggering "map to guest", or a list of
computer names/addresses/protocol versions.


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