[Samba] Samba 3.x SVN and OS/2 support.

Timur I. Bakeyev timur at com.bat.ru
Wed Apr 6 01:53:01 GMT 2005

Hi all!

On Tue, Apr 05, 2005 at 10:14:56PM +0200, Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> Ok, so this is the situation:
> _ now I tryied 3.0.12_1.1 using the FreeBSD port: the compatibility
> problem is there again. Everything works from the command line, but the
> WorkPlace Shell cannot work with remote shares. Extended Attributes also
> don't seem to work: if I do COPY xxx G:, then COPY G:xxx, they are gone.
> _ then I tryied compiling myself (no patches) samba 3 SVN: if I leave EA
> support off everything works from command line, but not from WPS, as 
> with 3.0.12.
> If I turn on EAs, the WPS can browse shares, directories and read files, 
> but I
> cannot copy any file *to* the server.
> Since FreeBSD EAs support is implemented in a parch in the port, it is 
> possible that the same patch (maybe updated for 3.0.13 or 3.0.14 when it 
> comes out, might fare better.

Basically, EA support is luxiory that let you store DOS attributes in a
nicer way, but it's absence shouldn't prevent you from normal work with
shares. But I guess, this is the question for investigation with Jeremy.

As for the EA support in FreeBSD 5.x itself - I've just send bug:


And hope that it'll go into 3.0.14 as well. You may try to take this patches
and apply them to the SVN code - they apply cleanly on 3.0.13, so the chances
are high that you won't get any problems(with patching). Then try SVN build

As for 3.0.12_1 - I do run it at home and at least with W2K all the attributes
are stored properly on UFS2 partition. BTW, don't forget, you may need this
set of lines in your smb.conf to get things work:

    store dos attributes = yes
    map hidden = no
    map system = no
    map archive = no

I'm very interested how this staff works with other client OSes.

Still, I suspect that EA support has minimal impact on the problem you
experience with file operations...

With regards,

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