[Samba] short preserve case = no

Roberto João Lopes Garcia roberto at mha.com.br
Tue Apr 5 15:25:22 GMT 2005


It appears that short preserve case = no is not working.

I´m using (samba 3.0.13 on fedora 3):

   mangled names  = yes
   case sensitive = auto
   default case = lower
   preserve case = yes
   short preserve case = no

That should, as I understood from man pages, create newer (8.3 names) files in lower case. So ROB.TXT should be saved as rob.txt at the samba server.

But this is not working. Samba create ROB.TXT.

Is it a bug? Am I missing sommething? Can it be solved?

I found an old (2003/03/20) message about a possible bug on hash2:


I changed to 

	mangling method = hash

But the problem persist. Should I restart samba ?

Thank you for your attention


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