[Samba] tunneling a connection to a samba server via vpn

Joris De Pooter joris.de.pooter at atempo.com
Tue Apr 5 14:57:54 GMT 2005

Javier Cano a écrit :

> Hello to everyone in the list, i have a IPCop firewall with vpn 
> service running and just one roadwarrior (xp sp2 pc), everything is 
> fine, but when the remote pc tries to connect (or just view) to the 
> samba file server shares there is no accessible. The other clients of 
> the lan are all visibles.
> Is there any way to view and share the samba file server through the 
> ipcop vpn or i need to setup a ssh tunnel..?
> Thanks for reading this...

I may say bullshit, but
I think I had something similar one day, i remember I had to install 
"Client for MS networks" (not sure about the exact words, cause i don't 
have englishes windows) for the network connection who use the vpn.

Hope this helps !

Joris De Pooter

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