[Samba] strange password problem

samuele enlargeyourlinux at yahoo.it
Tue Apr 5 06:55:53 GMT 2005

We have a samba3 domain with nt4, 2000 and xp workstation. We are 
experiecing a strange problem when the user password expires. When a 
user is forced to change the domain's password, he must re-insert the 
email account (pop3 and imap) password in outlook. The mailboxes are on 
a qmail+vpopmail server. This strange behaviour occours only with 
windowsXp and office 2003. With windows2k and office 2003 there are no 
problem. If the user change the password by himself before password 
expires  there are no problems too. I don't know if it's a samba and 
windows xp interaction problem or a "security feature", but i need to 
fix it.

Thanks in advance,

Samuele aka Sammo
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