[Samba] macintosh file clutter on samba filesystems.

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Mon Apr 4 08:14:26 GMT 2005

Matt Pruett wrote:
>I have a client who has a bunch of macs accessing some samba shares, and
>they write these  ._filename and .DS_STORE  files all over the place, he
>would perfer it to not write these files at all. Anyone ran into this
>issue? what would be the best way to prevent these files from getting
>written onto the shares?  veto?

The ._filename file is a part of the Macintosh file - if you prevent 
it being written then you will get errors when a Mac tries to write 
files on the share, if you delete it then you will damage the file 
(from the Macs point of view). Whilst many applications these days 
can cope with this damage (they don't use the resource fork, and can 
use the file extension to identify the file type), in other cases 
deleting the ._filename will make the file totally useless.


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