[Samba] Take over Domain login from XP

Ilia Chipitsine ilia at paramon.ru
Sun Apr 3 12:52:10 GMT 2005

>> most probably such information is stored in SAM.
>> however, you will need read/write access to SAM. the most advanced Linux
>> tool for SAM manipulation is single floppy to change Administrator
>> password.
> Or from a Linux installation on an other partition.
>> what You want is very tricky.
> Any hints (or <dream on> cookbook <dream off>) ?
>> much simplier to join your Linux machine under different name.
>> or simply to delete WinXP and run just Linux.
> This is not an option. The WinXP must remain active and kept as domain member.
> A different name is (in my understanding) also not applicable. The IPs are
> assigned by a DHCP server derived by the network cards MAC address.

Netbios names usually have nothing to do with dhcp assigned ip addresses.

you can almost always join WinXP and Linux (even if they reside on the 
same IP address) under different Netbios names into domain.

> regards
>   Petric

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