[Samba] Windows Clients Don't process login script

Sean Fichera sfichera at salem.k12.nh.us
Sat Apr 2 21:08:41 GMT 2005

I have Win2000 clients,  Win XP clients, and Win 98 clients that log in
to a Samba PDC.  They join the Domain and log in but the Windows 2000
and XP clients are not running the login scripts.  The Windows 98
Machines map drives and merge a file to the registry for internet
settings. I can't figure out why.  I have a netlogon folder shared with
read access to everyone.  The problem is on a server that was just put
in to service.  I had the problem and took a copy of the smb.conf back
to my office and put it on my test server and everthing worked fine
2000, XP, and 98 log in and process login scripts it appears that the
smb.conf works just fine.  What could the problem be?  Has anyone had
this problem before.  I would hate to do a rebuild this building has
been down for a week after a netware server died.  I can't do a rebuild
and have to rejoin machines to the domain because of the SID change.
I am running SUSE 9.2 Pro
Samba 3
Can someone help
Sean Fichera
Media Technician
Salem School District

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