[Samba] CentOS 3.4, Samba 3.0.9 , Network Browsing Problem , Network Share To USB copy problem

Robert Becskei brobiwbe at stcable.co.yu
Sat Apr 2 16:30:07 GMT 2005

Hello everyone,

 I've got here CentOS 3.4 (Red Hat EL 3.x Clone) with Samba 3.0.9 set up
everything is working ok , except these two things :

 first problem :

 when I open up a share on the samba server using Total Commander, and I
wanna return to the list of computers by clicking on \
 I get 80% of the time ACCESS DENIED message, a second attempt solves the
problem. But this is really anoying, any idea what
 might be the cause of this thing ?

 second problem :

 when I want to copy from the samba share directly to a usb driver (in my
case it was a 256MB unit) , I get a 10-15 sec delay before
 the copy starts, this I don't know why I get , and what did I do wrong here
? (the client is a Windows XP Pro SP2 computer)

 This samba server is running in a almost pure WinXP Pro SP2 (one sp1)
enviroment, there are 2 windows 2000 terminal server, 1 windows
 2003 server, and one novell 5.x server.

 I've attached my config file in this e-mail, I've already tried the irc
channels about this problem, but then I was told that my config looks ok,
but maybe
 both those people and I might have overlooked something , that is the cause
of both these problems.

 Robert B.

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