[Samba] winbind on a domain with 150000 users

Kim Hansen kimhanse at oek.dk
Sat Apr 2 10:56:58 GMT 2005

I am trying to use winbind on a domain with 150000 users, but I can't
make it work. Is that because I have done something wrong, or doesn't
winbind scale to that many users?

It works a little, I can use wbinfo to translate between sid, uid and
gid, and I can also get the groups a user is in. But when I try to get
the list of all users with 'wbinfo -u', I get a timeout and winbindd
starts to eat memory until it gets killed by the oom killer.

I am using samba 3.0.11, there are uids and gids enough
(100000-399999) and I have checked that the kernel supports 32 bit

Kim Hansen

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