[Samba] Winbind authentication failing

Murali Gunasekaran mgunase at gce2000.com
Fri Apr 1 22:44:01 GMT 2005

I am using Samba 2.2.3a as a domain member for a Win2K PDC. I was able
to join my Samba server
as a trusted account in my PDC and doing wbinfo with options -u , -g, -t
, -m all work,
but wbinfo -a fails and returns with the message:
Could not authenticate user mgunase%xxxxx with plaintext password
Could not authenticate user mgunase%xxxxx with challenge/response

I am able to see the share "test" (pls. see smb.conf file below) through
"My Network Places" in WinXP,
but accessing "homes" throws a "Network path cannot be found" error. :(

Any ideas? My smb.conf file is as follows:

server string = Samba %v on %L
workgroup = gce2000
security = domain
encrypt passwords = yes
password server = sandslash.gce2000.com
#Winbind settings
#winbind use default domain = yes
winbind uid = 2000-5000
winbind gid = 2000-5000
template shell = /bin/bash
winbind cache time = 5 (default is 300, changed to 5 for testing
#Set logging options
log level = 2
max log size = 100
debug timestamp = yes
log file = /usr/local/samba/logs/samba.log.%m.%U
comment = Public share, common for all users
path = /usr/local/samba/tmp
read only = no
guest ok = yes
guest ok = yes
read only = no

Thanks a lot!

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