[Samba] Windows ask for password when i try to access home shares

Tom Skeren tms3 at fsklaw.com
Fri Apr 1 18:16:27 GMT 2005

Cristian Thiago Moecke wrote:

>Ok, firist of all, thanks for the "DONT USE SWAT!!!" tip... it worked for
>me, very fine! :D
>Now I have the Linux box in my domain, winbind is runing just fine I guess
>(the getent and wbinfo commands return what they should return, and I can
>set the permissions of dirs to domain accounts... i loved that, by the
>way, when I decided to use samba I was not expecting this kind of thing!
>Very very nice :D), but... i am having problems setting up the homes...
>I had set up pam to create the home dirs, and now when I log in a Windows
>workstation and acces the samba server, it shows a dir of the username. If
>I try to acces it, it creates a dir in the directory i set PAM to do it
>(/home/MYDOMAIN/username) but it aasks for a password! And I tyed many
>passwords and no one worked... I found a lot of questions like that in
>internet but no answers. Could someone help me on that?
Check directory permissions.  Also, you probably want to set up ACLs.


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