[Samba] winbind apache htaccess

Eric Stevenson EStevenson at suz.com
Thu Sep 30 23:04:44 GMT 2004

hello all,

im sorry if this is the wrong list to address this topic. if this is the
case, id appreciate a pointer to the right list. 

id like to be able to restrict access to apache dirs with an .htaccess file.
instead of using the local linux user.group database, id like to use our
Active Directory user account. I was able to get this to work through the
use of mod_auth_kerb, but have since learned that there is no support for NT
groups with this method. Poking around the internet has led me to winbind.

I'd like to use something similar to the 'require group' directive in an
.htaccess file. The required group will exist in Active Directory. For
example, In Active Directory, we have a group named CVS-DEVS. We'd like only
the members of CVS-DEVS to be able to authenticate to the apache site
protected by the .htaccess file. 

As far as I can tell, this is possible, though i havent been able to find
enough specific information on how to install / configure such an

Im hoping someone here would be so kind as to point me in the right
direction of more information, or the appropriate forum to address such a

all flames, advice, experiences, ideas welcome.



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